Yoghurt of the Day

Just when I thought I’d found the most incredible yoghurt ever, another one comes along. Today’s yoghurt of the day really is a different league of deliciousness. In fact, right now, my husband has no idea that since he bought it for me, roughly two days ago, as a Fun Surprise Yoghurt (there ARE many other reasons I married him, but this is pretty high on the list) I have already eaten the entire thing, mostly straight from the pot with the fridge door still open.

But I’m seriously wondering what’s up with all these ‘limited edition’ yoghurts. I mean, I know I’M mental enough to get excited about a limited edition yoghurt, but it can’t be high on most normal people’s priority list, can it? Making sure they don’t miss out on this week’s most current yoghurt flavour? I may of course be wrong. Please let me know if you have ever experienced such frenzy, such intense desire over a limited edition yoghurt.

Regardless of whether or not your dairy loins are stirred by such hype, here is the latest Yoghurt of the Day, the Dairy Collective’s Blood(y) Orange Live Gourmet Yoghurt.


Flavour: 5/5 Unbelievably delicious. Hence my 5 out of 5. I’m now going to sound like one of those idiotic husky-voiced over-sexed yoghurt adverts when I describe it as decadent and indulgent but there are no other words. This is properly thick, creamy yoghurt with an accompanying blood orange syrup. It’s a dessert. It’s an amazing, luxurious dessert which tastes of burnt caramel and orange blossom, sort of a bit like a good pudding wine. The critics could say that it’s a similar effect to plonking some marmalade in a pot of natural yoghurt but, as many good people have said before me, haters gonna hate.

Value for money: ?/5 I genuinely have no idea. As I said, it was a Yoghurt Surprise, and I actually haven’t looked it up to find out. However, there cannot be a price I would not pay for this yoghurt.

Spelling: 5/5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only is this one of the most remarkable food experiences OF MY LIFE* they actually know how to bloody well spell yoghurt!!!!!! Let the Yoghurt God be praised!!!!!!! This is a great day indeed.

Presentation: 4/5 Good. Nice. I like the cow. Not so keen on the faux-wordplay (it’s not really funny and it doesn’t mean anything. Other than that, it’s great) but the shape and general design quality win for me.


Overall satisfaction: 5/5 Enormously satisfied. Short of bathing in an enormous creamy, orangey vat of the stuff, I cannot think of how I could be more satisfied by this yoghurt.

Recommendation: Forget about fancy puddings. The next people who come to ours for dinner are getting THIS in the middle of the table with a spoon each. I mean, it even looks like crème caramel, look. Let me say I REALLY like crème caramel, but to put it up against this would really be the Sophie’s Choice of food.


*possibly not actually true.


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